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You're not alone!

Do you take thousands of photos of your family only to have the images disappear in a messy camera roll? Do you wish your kids could enjoy the photos of their childhood without having to scroll through junk screenshots? 

When my oldest daughter was born, it was important for me to stay on top of her baby photos -- for own my sanity, for the benefit of her long-distance grandparents, and for my daughter's sake when she inherits the collection someday.

So I developed a system to clear the junk, mark the favorites, and keep up with my photo projects. 

Upon sharing my photo organization and printed family yearbooks on Instagram, I quickly learned how overwhelmed other moms felt about their photos. So I dove into photo organizing education to help photo-overloaded moms rescue their memories from the camera roll disaster zone and turn them into year-in-review photo books.

I’m a photo organization educator, album designer, avid photo taker, technology lover, and mom. A giant photo collection doesn’t intimidate me in the slightest!

Hi there,

I'm denise!

- Amanda, Course Student

“Denise’s expert advice has provided long-lasting strategies to organize my mess of a camera roll! Her systems have now served me for 3 years strong!”

- Kayla, Yearbook Client

"Denise makes the process of designing our photo books so smooth! She taken SO much weight off my shoulders!"

What others say:

You love taking photos, but you keep too many duplicates because you're too attached to narrow down to the best ones.

You want your thousands of photos to be curated into the best ones from each year

You want to show your kids their childhood photos without just handing over your phone

Does this sound like you?

Your camera roll is a disaster zone and you’ve given up hope that it can be organized and purposeful.

You get annoyed with how your screenshots clutter up your personal photo collection.

You want to document your child’s life but feel guilty when you fall behind on photo projects.

If so, I can help!

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Document your family's year in a beautiful timeless album without the stress and time commitment. I will design this annual year-in-review photobook FOR you!

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