Get super easy instructions for creating this icon with the Shortcuts App that's already on your iPhone:

Would you like quicker access to your most frequently visited album(s) in your iPhone's Photos App?

Whenever you click on the regular Photos App icon, it always takes you to the last opened screen. So if the album you wanted to view wasn't the last thing up in your previous session, it might take 3 or 4 clicks and scrolls to navigate to it. Not a huge deal, but a little tedious.

BUT DID YOU KNOW.... you can add a shortcut icon on your iPhone Home Screen that jumps directly to a specific album! You just click on it and the Photos App opens straight to that album without any extra clicks.

Shortcut to an iPhone Photo Album

Free How-to guide

You want to smile every time you see  your favorite photo as an  icon on your iPhone homepage.

You love efficiency and speed!

You open your iPhone Photos app multiple times a day.

You need this guide  if...

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